Christmas Card 2012

I really wanted to show you all my little project but didn't want to give it away to those receiving it in the mail. Better late then never though.
In order to keep my sanity I decided years ago that I would create a holiday card every other year. By holiday I do not mean only Christmas. 2010 was Groundhog's Day where I created a lino-cut image of the noble creature and hand stamped and tinted each postcard. I titled it "Groundhog in Repose". This year I was feeling a bit sentimental and had recently created a reindeer tangled in christmas lights that so decided to kick it into gear and make Christmas cards. 
All of my materials came from Michaels and sponsored by those amazing coupons they send out over email and through app. Here are the materials I used:
1. I found a wood type paper on clearance (.69 ea) 
2. Brown Craft Paper cards and envelopes
3. Two stamps; The merry Christmas message and the snowflake(from the $ bins)
4. The black paper was something I had but I splurged and got the Fiskars Ultra ShapeXpress and the Brackets and Journal template. With the coupons it was super affordable and since I can't afford a Circut at the moment these $5 templates will have to do. The Shaper itself is a bit tricky to use and takes a bit more time because you need to be slow and steady about it. 
 You can imagine the HOURS spent cutting each of these out but it was totally worth it. I hope to have these cute little deer available in my shop next fall.
In addition to my biannual card giving resolution I began a journal to track each years card giving and receiving. (I'm patting myself on the back right now) I am going to add a page this year to track all of the holiday events and locations as well as the gifting rules.
As our kids get older and our families expand the gift giving rules are changing. For instance, on Mark's mother's side of the family we do a friendly version of white elephant with only good gifts. This year I received/stole a fabulous basket filled with Bert's Bee's products. Yay me! I swear the anti wrinkle cream is working. For the kids we spend only $5 each because there are so many. As they become teens it is a bit harder to find suitable gifts though. Any ideas?
At the end of the month we will have our final celebration in Portland with my side of the family. It is a smaller group but the kids are still tiny and so much fun to play with.
After that is lambing season and I enter an entirely new world of early morning feedings and lanolin smelling...everything. Can't wait to share it with you all.

Happy late winter crafting to you all,

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