Taking a Closer Look

 Some days all of the work to be done around the house, inside and out, can be overwhelming. While I'm watering the pots, filling the chicken feed, weeding the path I still see the mess that is my gardening bench, plants that should have been repotted last season and don't get me started on the inside of the house!

In times like these it's important to slow down and enjoy the little things.

A few wonderful women I know have been slowly going through the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. You can see her blog HERE. The funny thing is I was too busy to start the study with them when they first talked about it. Fortunately it was held off and, as life always does, circumstances changed and we have been reading and meeting together since January.  Now I am changed by it.

The book goes over the concept of the Eucharist. In short: Thanksgiving, joy and the ugly beautiful in life. 

I am now practicing the art of thanksgiving and it has changed me. It is a discipline that has actually been difficult to exercise. Every day, several times a day, I write down anything I see I am thankful for. Perhaps it is a milestone I have made or just the brilliant white/pink of the native checker mallow plant in my back yard. Looking for these things slows everything down. Puts it all into perspective.

So I stop. Sit in the grass and every inch of my world is covered in the beautiful. If I didn't weed and fuss it would still be here. So why not take a moment to enjoy it. 

And sometimes I have my trusty companion to sit next to me. 
He says hi.

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