Fall Wreath Wish List

As soon as the season changes I am ready with new door decor! This fall I really didn't put a lot of thought into it but did my fare share of browsing on the internet for what I want next year.

Because I believe in purchasing handmade whenever possible, and because I myself am an Etsy seller, here are a few I drooled over from my fellow Etsyins:

This wreath is made by roseflower48
I LOVE the little pumpkins (which are actually seed pods) along with the acorns on the green moss.

The yard on The Violette Bloom's wreath makes me think of birch trees and I feel like this one could be used from September through November. I linked to her shop and not just this one item because ALL of her wreaths are so stinkin cute and affordable.

Then there is this very unassuming yet attractive wreath by Wild Ridge Design. IT SMELLS!!! You can actually choose a smell. This one is orange scented but they have everything from Cinnamon to Clean Cotton to Vanilla Mint! This one is a bit more pricy at $59 but it will last you for years.

But if you want to get away from the man made materials then there is this really wild but beautiful corn husk wreath I found. It is hand tied onto a crimp wreath form and is only $16 for a 15-17" diameter size. This is a steal of a deal.

Happy Fall Ya'll!

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  1. This makes me REALLY look forward to making a Christmas wreath with you again!