40 Days 40 Bags Challenge

It has begun; The giant wave of families taking part in the 40 bags/40 days challenge. Last year I was able to gather up about 10 bags. Grocery bag size. Not the one you see below. When I saw this ad from White House Black Shutters  I almost had a heart attack. That's a big bag...

In all fairness I started my major decrapifying in January when I posted my monthly To-Do List.
Then I got a little neurotic when I organized my files and instruction manuals. My excessive need to label everything  may be a problem but I figure it's a good problem to have. In fact, our office has remained completely clutter free since our new filing system has been in place (happy dance!)

One really awesome thing about the To-Do List I made is that I really do feel more focused and I get way more down. It keeps me accountable and if I don't get everything done on it that's ok too. I just move it to the next month and try to tackle it then. Extra things come up to fix or clean as well so I try to write those down when I think about it just so I can feel better about myself when I cross them off. It's not cheating; it's motivation. 

For a while I have wanted to make a detailed cleaning list for the entire house that I could use on a weekly or monthly basis. Partially so I wouldn't skip from room to room and never really finish the job and also as a way for me to assign tasks to other family members. This is what I have so far but it's a work in progress. 

Sweeping and dusting are daily chores from fall to spring because of our wood stove, gravel driveway and the general farm-ness surrounding us.

So, I will again take part in the 40 day challenge but this year I am taking it one step further in organizing my daily life.
just kidding...not really

 Let's face it; we can decrapify all we want in the short term but it's how we manage the crap we keep that rest of the year that counts.

Would a simplified/streamlined cleaning list be helpful for ya'll?  

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