Summers End

It has been a hurried summer with lots of promises to do more, see more, relax more. But in reality it was just a continuation of life as usual for us. Hosting events, improving the house and, as the sun is setting, take a minute or two to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Now it is raining cat's and dogs but as a native Oregonian I'm good with it.

The last week of sunshine we took down all of the roses that ring our yard and climb the trellis. This upset a few people but within a week you can see the healthy new starts shooting up from the ground.

Twilight is the best time of day to get a dirty job done. The smell of neighboring burn piles in the air and something in the crockpot waiting inside. 

Fall isn't over yet for us but the clear warm days of it are.

Hope you are making the most of whatever weather your state is bringing you right now. 

Goodnight from Bramblefield

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