Fall Color

It's fall people! My favorite time of year.
So I thought I would take you on a brief color tour of the yard.

Katsura Trees come in a few forms. These have wonderful lush leaves and create a cloud of yellow in the fall. 

I also love the multi trunk structure. 

The Weeping Katsura has bit more variation when it changes into it's fall color. Almost a tiger stripe. Over the last few years we have been weaving it's long branches through the arbor to create a green canopy to walk though. 

We have several varieties of maple as well. All in different stages of oranges and reds right now.

This coral bark maple creates color when all the leaves are gone.

 Dwarf Lace Leaf

The Hydrangeas are also still going strong as well. Above is yet another start of the Oak Leaf Hydrangea.  The divide beautifully and even little sticks broken off of the base can bee replanted and thrive. These are from two little sticks I put in a large pot last spring.

Years ago, Mark received several starts from the Arbor Day Foundation and this Redbud is the only one that made it through our many moves.  I just love how the leaves look dipped in maroon.

The spiders are making webbed canons around the berries on our Nandina (also called Heavenly Bamboo)

And finally, my absolute favorite would have to be our blueberry bushes. They are mingled in with the rest of the plants surrounding the house but we also have a dedicated area that looks like a crimson explosion.
When I was a teen I would string them on thick twine, and drape the garlands around my canopy bed.

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