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Most postings will be done by me: Elizabeth with some framing/building tutorials by Mark my unbelievable talented hubby. 

A GIANT thank you to Shandell at Breaking New Ground for helping me set this all up. I am a bit stunted when it comes to web design and accounting but she made it all make sense. I will tackle accounting another day. 

As each season comes to a close we like to reminisce about all we have experienced or accomplished so here is one of our summer-time highlights:

The "New" sheep got a hair cut
  This is just a minor step in the adventure that has been Mark's sheep endevoure this year. (back story to come) The sheep in this picture are quite wild and quite old. In fact this will probably be their one and only year with us. These old gals are the beginning of Marks sheep farming legacy.  I'm sure our neighbors get a kick out of watching us "herd" the sheep but until our trusty Dobe decides to help out we are on our own.
  After several sessions of hoof trimming we now know a lot more about the under side of a sheep. As it turns out their feet are fairly susceptible to problems (she types with a twitching in her right eye). The smell is noxious to say the least and though we are doing what is best for them they don't always show their appreciation. 
  As I type we have a ram out romancing the ladies and hope to have a few little lambs to show you in January.
Until my next post I hope you all have a blessed day!

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  1. love it!...well except the sheep hooves part :)