What a Weekend

The other weekend was quite big and I must preface this post by saying that not every weekend is like this for us.  Let us start with Saturday morning. My mother-in-law drove all the way from Mt Hood to see us this weekend and what better way to begin the day than to do a little shopping at the Saturday Market. As a gardener I prefer the Farmers Market side of the street and picked up a few loaves of fresh baked bread from Marche's, some delectible cheese from Fern's Edge Farms which is just around the corner from where we live. Their chevre is out of this world and I always grab some when I'm here. 

It was an interesting exercise; trying to take pictures of the sights, but every time I held up my camera it seemed people wanted to be in the picture! I gave up and gave them their own collage. 

Besides the women in tutus and prairie-like garb you could find a man dressed in all plastic bags looking like a fluffy white yeti, street performers and a  gentleman turning hot peppers over a fire pit. When I turned to my mom-in-law and ask her what she thinks she shrugs and says "it is exactly the same as when I was here 30 years ago"

Next we were joined by Mark at Koho Bistro for a fabulous dinner. Every bite is amazing. This time I had the pork chops with brandy glazed carrots. Num. I am salivating as I type this. The price is incredibly reasonable and the service is incredible. Seriously, if you are in town, GO! But be warned: Do not be fooled by the outside appearance. It's a book/cover sort of situation.

The following morning we hauled it over to Coburg for the annual Antique Fair. I am always late to it but leave with a steal. I practiced great reserve and left with only a few items: A narrow trough of sorts which I plan to float in the middle of the dining room table with candles for $10, a few wobbly frames that have since been tightened and fitted with glass for $1 each and an original oil painting marked $30 but I got for $10!

And since we had been gorging ourselves all weekend we decided to stop in at one of our favorite spots Chief's (another glorious little hole in the wall) owned by Rochelle and Matt Hogan.  It is quite a departure from our whole foods dinner from the night before but oh so worth the calories. Might I recommend the Coburger? Save room for dessert though or get it to go. You will thank me.

Yes, the second weekend in September is always a good one here in the valley. If you try out any of these places let us know. We'll meet you there!

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