Fall Framing

Thought I would give you all a little sneak peak at what I will be selling at an upcoming bazaar. Along with the harvest season and my regular day job I have been painting and stamping and frame building for this sale. I am especially excited because I am not only selling my originals but now have a new tool (frame building) under my belt. Mark and I spend a few hours a night creating together and It was the best date nights we have had in a while. Who needs a fancy dinner?

To the left is one of my more modern looking frames which I promptly dropped on the ground and broke! Luckily Mark made it all better. I guess it has happened a few times to him but I just stood there devastated for a while, reenacting in my mind how it happened and all the ways I could have used my cat like reflexes to save it..but didn't.  Each frame takes about an hour total, from raw wood to the picture you see above so you can see why it pains me.
 I promise I will make a tutorial as soon as life slows down. OK, let's face it, that's not going to happen. How about I try to get one up in the spring :)

To the right is a mess of cards getting stamped and wrapped. Because I need so many for the sale I have been forced to take them off of my etsy site for now but they will all be back where they belong the first week of November. For other original prints (unframed) check out my etsy mini on the Right side bar.

 Here is the latest piece I have been s-l-o-w-l-y working on. I apologize for the dark original image.
 It is a bit more whimsical then I am used to painting and this is my first crow! I hope to get it done before Halloween so if nothing else I can tape it to the front of my fridge. 

For those of you who love watercolor here are a few of my fav painter/bloggers:
Amy Abshier Reyes- OK I know she is oil and watercolor but I love her dearly
Sketching Spirit - She has inspired me to finally spend the $ and buy a good traveling moleskin and paint on any trip I can take it on. So far I only have a bit of Sunriver and the Coast and I'll post those later.
Golly Bard also paints from nature and I just LOVE everything she does. And now she has fabric!!! Oh, my heart!
And the best for last Brittney Lee an artist for Disney that I have followed since day one of her blog. She is a brilliant paper artist but uses every medium so I think it is fair she make the list. Her work is so inspiring.
After drooling over all of these artists and their obvious success I need to remember that they most likely do not have children still at home. That helps me relax a little bit.

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