Fall Harvest

This is our favorite season by far. It has been filled with parties, dinners and the harvesting of our bountiful garden. Not a lot of canning happened so I am hoping our fruit from this summer will tied us over. 
This year was our first really successful apple harvest. I made pies, crisps and squeezed apple cider with Mark's press. In college he wanted a small version of his dad's larger press. Using hand tools, regular framing lumber and scrap materials he fit it all together.  5 gal of apples = 1 gal of cider. 

My tomatoes come with a sadder story. After carefully washing, cutting and boiling down I ran out of time and set them in the fridge till I was able to can them the next day. And that is where I found them days later.... The corn is a happier story. Another creation of Mark's helped us quickly collect the corn and into the freezer they went. Instead of bags I used the large plastic containers our ice cream comes! This will make it easier to get it our a cup or two at a time for soups and sides. I'm sure this has been done before but I am basking in my cleverness all the same.

Here is to happy harvesting friends and a bountiful autumn!

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