Sketch Book- Sunriver

Here is my sketchbook. You are the first outsiders to see it.  It began as a challenge to myself. Every day seemed too busy to practice painting and though I longed for my studio/office/laundry room, I couldn't seem to make it there. So, thanks to a local specialty art store called Oregon Art Supply I was able to take my studio with me.

After following Sketching Spirit blog for months I decided to paint whenever I had a little extra time on vacations rather than take a picture. My first attempt was at Disneyland sitting on a bench in Pooh's Corner with notebook and watercolor pencils in hand. It was a muted, confused accident. Teaching oneself a new technique while on location is just stupid. Mistakes, and several ugly pages behind me, I packed up a Tupperware tote with one brush, a napkin, three different colors and my trusty notebook and explored Sunriver, Oregon on my cruiser. Mark and I would stop along the way and I would give myself 20-30 minutes to capture the moment while he sat in the shade of a pine tree reading The Big Burn.  

I normally plot out my picture very carefully with pencil but this time I only put down a few directional lines, a wash, a few details then inked with a fine tipped sharpie. This is also the first time I have attempted landscape since I was twelve so I was pleased with the whimsical look I got. Among my many dreams and aspirations I would love to illustrate a children's book some day.  
Sunriver has become a tradition thanks to Mark's sister Lisa. As soon as school is out we pack up our bikes, insane amounts of food and head out. The above painting was taken while my niece swam and rafters drifted by eager to talk and see what I was doing. Everyone is a friend in Sunriver. Maybe that is one of the reasons we love it so much.

Hope this brought you a little sun in this cold weather.

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