The Great Fall Finish

For every season there is a time to clean, organize and just get my tush in gear. In the spring I manically clean out rooms of unused or unwanted stuff. I love anything unique and beautiful but I will turn on it in the spring; lamenting the day I bought it because it now collects dust and just isn't pulling it's weight. In the summer I turn to my closet, always unhappy with my wardrobe, items all of the sudden become strangely sentimental.  I swear I will wear those mustard yellow leggings one of these days. 
But in the fall I purposefully clean out the fire place room in preparation for the incoming cold weather and step into my studio, reinvigorated and ready to transform the years unfinished doodles.
Before the Craft Fair I found this little leaf and when finished it glows in it's new oak frame.  You can see it in my shop HERE
My next project was of a set of gourds with speckles. I used white mask to create the void for the spots and you can see that I have not yet added the color to the orange pumpkin. 
I have used quite a few brands of paint but right now I prefer the M Graham Co which I believe you can find at any craft store.  The brushes I used for the above leaf is a Loew-cornell 7040 and a Princeton Round #2. The color is so vibrant and I am very pleased. 
I hope to update you next on my Holiday card ideas and what is cooking here in my studio.


  1. did someone purchase the leaf? I went to look at it in your shop but the link goes nowhere!

  2. Yep...It's gone now! I guess I should post more of my work on my blog!