I have so many wonderful things to share but can't seem to find the time. My days are spent in dirty overalls, an old pink-poop-smeared jacket and these fabulous (above shown) boots.  I know it sounds glamorous right? The bummer lambs are here! and so I spend my time mixing milk before it's even light out every day and hand feeding the lot by bottle. So far we have 34...yes you heard me right. This means 34 babies desperate for milk four times a day. 34 babies with individual needs and disabilities. 34 different bleats that make me laugh so often. 40 is our goal. What were we thinking?

May days seem so short now and look something like this:
Feed lambs and larger sheep, clean stalls, feed myself, try to get work done on the computer for Mark, feed lambs again, take a nap? no. clean and try to be a responsible adult, feed again, figure out dinner because I was too tired to put something in the crock pot earlier, answer emails and daydream about reintroducing caffein  into my morning ritual, process new lambs in the ICU (the shop), scarf down dinner, feed lambs for the last time, take shower to get the ever present lamb smell off and crash into bed. 

Repeat the next morning. 

 Here are a few that stood still for a moment for me

Don't get me wrong, I love the little guys, it's just that I find myself talking to them a bit more then I should. Sometimes I feel like I'm on an episode of John and Kate plus 8. 

They all have names and unique personalities. Dax is a runt that just can't seem to get a break. Today I heard a strange gasping sound coming from a snuggley pile of lambs but couldn't find the source. I picked up Bubba Jr. to find little Dax being smothered below. Among our current runts are: Rue with the broken leg, Dash, Bell, May, and Patience. A couple nights ago we received 3 large, lumbering dopey sort of lambs all with black and white markings now named Cow, Ginny and Gerald. 

Kids get to name them too! We have many little ones come to visit and "feed" so I try to take down name suggestions. We now have Pickles, Bubbles, Rainbow, and Black Thunder (may he rest in peace). Most milk when fed by kids ends up on the lamb itself but they don't seem to mind. 

The madness of so many individual feedings WILL end. I have a plan and hope to show you picks as soon as I have a chance.

Stay tuned!

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  1. My favorite sheep was Cow! He is so cute I wanted to sneak him home with me.