Up the Mountain

This past weekend was a treat. We rarely make it up the mountain to see Mark's mother but were able to carve out some time and just relax. She lives just below Government Camp on Mt Hood here in Oregon; about a three hour drive for our home.
She is surrounded by majestic firs with a moss covered floor. This is seriously their view. Over the past few years they have been renovating their split level into a lodgy cabin in the woods. Under there recent addition they built in a small room for creating her pottery which I am so excited to use! 

One stop that we ALWAYS make is to Timberline Lodge. This is not just a local ski lodge. It is a monument. The work that has gone into the design and structure are noting short of amazing. 

Not many people know that this was the place where the interior hall scenes were filmed. Very scary. El wanted to know if she could watch it. I dont' think so. I watched it when I was 19 and it is still seared in my brain. And now I am a bit scared of axes. And people dressed as bears/bunnies. And this hallway.
Through the main level that you enter there are walls of photos from construction and the early years of patrons. There is even a room to watch the making of it! I'm a documentary nut so I watch it every time. 
You might also recognize this pic above from your high school peechee. The  skier is a model form the mountain. Just a fun fact :) 

After touring you must eat upstairs or at least have a drink. Sometimes we just get a hot chocolate but this time we all split fondu and I drank a Motlaporter beer. Yay for dark beer! My belief is if you can't see through it, it tastes better.
We have only stayed the night once and it was terrific. If you are unable to get a room with a fireplace just bring a book and snuggle up to the ones in the center of the lodge.

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  1. Oooh The Shining- I still can't bring myself to watch it! I didn't know about the lady on the ski lift modeling for the pee-chee! How cool!