Digital Dahlias

I realize that I am far too lost in my own world of paints and paper. I have graphic design experience but never really cared for sitting in front of the computer for hours and opted for the texture and feel of the real and tangible things.

Dahlias are my weakness. For about a year straight I almost exclusively painted bouquets of them taken from my yard. So of course if I were to try anything new it would begin with my old standby.

Today I decided to experiment with my Photoshop CS5 and am pretty happy with the results, though I kinda feel like a cheater. What would have taken me hours to create is now a pseudo oil painting in less than an hour. CS5's new blending brush is a lot of fun but my back aches from tensely hovering over the desk. Not at all like the relaxed almost zen feeling I get when painting...in real life.

I am not averse to the improvement of technology but let's save these projects for rainy cold days. When the sun is out you'll find me in the yard...which is where I am off to now.

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