Sketchbook- Remembering the Sun

As an Oregonian, February is the hardest month. The winters are not crisp and white in the valley but grey and dreary and grey. Did I mention it is grey? In need of a reminder of what sun looks like I turn to my sketchbook and there it is; lush greenness, warm water, vibrant color. 


Here is a little place I have never been. My sister in law had a picture of a garden she recently toured on her phone so I sketched it out quickly. I would give anything to be sitting in that chair right now.

Here we are on our last vacation. St Marten was not at all what I thought it would be so we found a relatively quiet place to sit and I painted the sailboats coming in for the evening. The palms shaded us from the nearly 95 degree weather making it a bearable 90. Yuck. I'm at my best in the mid 70's

Here was a late spring day last year looking out the window of my studio. After working on the computer for hours I wanted to relax my eyes and play with green. Immediately outside my window is a large rhododendron that blooms pink in March. Once the petals have dried and gone the purple bearded iris pop up and are gone just days later. As you walk through the yard and pass the trifurcated gingko tree you will find a broken stone path under the trellis leading to a secret garden....in progress.

To see more of my work you can always stop by my shop!

Hang in there everyone. The sun has to come back some time.

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