Projects, Painting and Pantries!

I'm downloading my photos from my phone this morning and without knowing it we have begun many projects here at Bramblefield.

Mark is working on a top secret project in the dining room but I can show you what I have been up to.

 The garden is all a bloom with Snow Drops, Daphne and Daffodils. 

 This is my latest painting underway in the studio: a bright twist on an old motif. Should be available in print in my shop within the week. 

 And here is a peak into my pantry. The ethereal glow in the after shot was purely a mistake...or was it? Along with many others I am observing lent. Last years I attempted the 40 bags/ 40 days. I don't think I had 40 bags but it was a worthy effort. This year I have categorized the home into 40 areas to organizing them. It isn't easy but I imagine when I am done my life will be seamless and efficient when I am complete. Ha! Just kidding.  So far I have filled the back of my car twice with goodies to give.

I have also given up caffein...and I'm still mad about it. 

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