Corry's Snail & Slug Death and Other Means of Destruction

As I walk through my garden with my almost failing canon camera, snapping photos as I go, I sniff a lilac, deadhead the daffodils, and lean in to admire my....

AHG! Snails and slugs all over!!!

Now, I knew we had a problem but we have been working so hard to get it under control. It may sound strange but just as we walk the path enjoying our flowers in the morning, we walk the same beat at night catching the little monsters in the act. We may or may not carry flash lights and or spotlights. It seems to geeky to admit. Oh but the joy I feel when I squish them! (insert maniacal laugh here)

While picking up some more Corry's Slug & Snail Death ( I love the sound of that), I decided to take of the entire category of house and garden vermin at once.

As you will notice from my cart I purchased the following:
Mosquito Zapper- This was sort of a just for fun item that failed miserably. Returned it.
WHY Trap- So far the numerous wasps, hornets and yellow jackets are just laughing at me. I'll keep you posted and further results.
Corry's Slug & Snail Death- Magic!
Fly strips- I went for the $2.50 ones and they ripped as I tied them to the ceiling of the chicken coop. Next time I'll be a big spender and go for the $3.75 traps.

Because of the unseasonable warm weather we are having the irrigation will be turned on soon so I collected all of the post I could find and filled them with about 1/4 cup of the bait then turned them inward towards the plant roots.  This should keep it dryer longer. 

 I am also trying a new method this year that I read about in an old Garden Gate magazine. Soak clay pots (48 hours for new pots) in water then invert the smallest pot where you see the most snails and slugs. Then, nest the larger pot on top of it. This creates a moist dark place for them to go during the day then in three days, BAM! You catch them taking a little siesta and squish them!!!

The article actually said to seal them in an air tight container then throw them away but I look at that as the equivalent to being buried alive. Squishing is more humane in my eyes.

Call me crazy, but I have a dream of a slug/snail-less world. A world without lacy hosta leaves, and new flowers being munched to the ground before reaching their full potential.

And all the gardeners said: Amen.

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