My Sketch Book Arsenal

When I am out and about I like to sketch and paint when I can. Sometimes I am able to paint when I find a spot out of the wind but when I can't I have my trusty sketch book. 
Here is what I take:

You can find a basic Moleskine at any Target store but for a specialty Moleskin with thick paper or watercolor paper you need to visit your local art store. Michaels doesn't even carry these.

I have paper in two diferent sizes but I prefer the smaller if I don't have long to sketch. I try to limit my time to 20 minutes so I don't obsess about details and just have fun.

The pens are from Michaels and they are incredibly convenient. The sizes range from XS to a thick tip for bold lines. They are India Ink, waterproof pens made in Germany and so far they have worked better than anything I have used. 

The container for my paints is an experiment as well and as long as I am working on quick sketches it works. It containerizes the paints which works well for travel and the lid can be used for blending. 

Not pictured is a small round container that is intended for putting liquids in for your carry-ons that I put water in. Throw in a few brushes and a paper towel and your set.

For only a couple bucks you can find one of these totes for it all to fit into with secure latches on the sides. Now I'm ready to strap it to the back of my bike and go! 
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