The Ugly Side of the Garden

I mentioned a while ago how we have one last unused spot of dirt ready for something wonderful. Until last summer/fall the space between the fire pit and the chicken coop has only housed Mark's leftovers from work (did I mention he is a contractor?) and the honey hives.

We still have our firewood drying in one section but as soon as fall hits we will have it moved.
Right now I plan on filling this area with flowers to cut and bring in the house! Goodness knows I have enough gladiolas to fill a church!

Unfortunately the gladiolas I presumably "removed" from the veggie garden are back. My hands are full at this point battling snails and slugs, planning the veg garden and working full time that I can't bear to waist more time on cleaning them out.

So, shaking my fist at them, I turn around and see...the garden bench.

Forget it. I'll think about that tomorrow.

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