Summer Decor Ideas

With the change of each season I like to change up my decor is a subtle way. So, even though the calendar says it's spring the weather screams SUMMER! 

I recently read that a room should look collected not decorated. Everything I own is purchased either because it pleases my eye or I can see the potential in it. Among my many pretty things I feel its important that there are plenty bobbles for kids to play with so they feel included. Above I have a turquise lined dish filled with shells from Florence, The costs of Washington and Georgia for them to play with. 

When some friends came over the other week they commented on my vase of ocean ground sticks. I have always searched out the whitest sticks on every trip.

Just this year I started writing where and when I got them. A nice way to bring back happy memories and fun for guests to read through when they visit. It's weird. I also pick out the white rocks. Those are used in clear vases with candles.

I hope you liked this little peak into my summer-filled living room. More peaks to come. I promise!

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