A New Hive of Bramblefield Bees

Look close and you will see the ball of bees that settled themselves in my parent's back yard.

Let's zoom in shall we?

They are not interested in stinging but protecting the queen. It's really a giant version of a dog pile.

We are always ready for a new hive and the honey to follow so when we got the call that a swarm had landed we rushed right over, suit and box in hand.

My dad put on his classic 70's jacket and hat to join Mark and they lopped off the branch of bees. Usually Mark can hit the branch hard enough for the swarm to fall right in but this bush was quite tangled and cutting was the only way.

What a handsome bee keeper.

We sat a while to let all of the bees settle in and "call" to the others. Looking at the base of the box you can see them at the opening fanning their wings, causing the queens scent to drift out.

Here is Sammy. He waited with us.

 Once home we put them on a makeshift stand and unsealed the opening.
Take note! This is going to be the new spot for all of our hives! A little rough right now but this summer we are making stands and surrounding the area with lavender plants. It is the ideal space: nestled in the orchard, away from main walk ways and enough sun to light the entry and shade to keep it cool in the hot summer months.

It's a week or so later and they are now creating new comb and have new babies on the way. 
Next step: Honey!

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  1. Wow this is so cool! So question... On the way home were they just buzzing about your car inside? I would have a heart attack!