Our Not So Little Chicken Coop

Wanna take a peek into the chicken coop?

 OK. Here goes.

Our first out building upon moving in was our chicken coop/pump house. I had drawn up a funny little plan for it out of daydreaming and Mark made it a reality.

On the South side has a generous overhang to keep the mud to a minimum and a spare skylight to light the interior. The water hangs outside under this overhang and now has a metal grate under to keep their feet tidy.The East side faces the garden. Above is the bench and brick deck in progress.

The Gate is surrounded by hydrangeas and hostas with a hawthorn tree to soften the corner between garden and garage.  

Babies Tears creep around the square stones cut from an old driveway that needed re-pouring.

 An old climbing red rose with a terrible case of black spots I can't seem to get rid of covers the gates overhang. All of our roses came with us from our last home and have been divided over the years. 

The little path to the door heads off to the right behind the hydrangea bush and over to our recycling area and where we have been keeping the bees. 

The inside is half garden tools and half shelves for chicken food and gardening misc. The windows are from our last home which what painfully in need of an update. They are fixed by hinges so we can let the wind blow through. Chickens stink you know. A lot.

The chickens roosting boxes are separated by a half wall with a wire upper and a tiny antique door. 

And every day I get to collect these little beauties!
This is the life.

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