My Gym; Preping the field

Everyone I know seems to be a member of a gym, jogging several miles a day or driving to boot camp at 5 in the morning. It was explained to me as a wonderful experience where people work out so hard they vomit together in the many garbage cans placed around the room for their convenience.
I'll pass....
I feel like a total slacker but then again this is my gym; our land and our way of life.
We named this patch o' dirt for the way it was when we got it; Bramblefield. And for seven years we have been slowly cultivating the land. The first few years our boggs were torn to shreds by the work we were doing in the blackberry's and scraggily overgrown Christmas trees.

Our last few weekends we have been clearing the final trees from the far corner which I called Fox Forest for the little critters that lived there once upon a time. We held off for as long as we could but the trees were dying off and turning red within days of each other. Nobles are high elevation trees so our little valley will only sustain them for so long.

Now our only remaining trees are the ones we plant and the lovely cotton woods surrounding the pond. I'm tempted to start a patch of future Christmas trees for friends and family but the sheep limit our options.

My sides are sore but in the end I have a field ready for tilling, firewood for next winter piled by the house and I haven't thrown up once!

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  1. I love living vicariously through your posts! I have homesteading envy :)