Honey Jars

We spun quite a while ago but I didn't blog about it because in the photos I am filling the a top secret gift.
Here is what we spin with. We rent it each year but the price goes up each year so I am seriously looking into buying one. It's on my amazon wish list which is sort of becoming a version of a vision board :)  

This year I purchased dozens of little jars to give as favors at a baby shower I hosted and to give to friends at family at our annual harvest dinners and parties. You can find these jars at your local honey producer like I did at Glory Bee Foods. Click the link to buy online.

We have only a few more canning jars left for tea and baking this winter and our precious large hive has flown away. Not sure why but we have had a pretty bad yellow jacket year... Oh well, there is one more hive we are keeping by the orchard. Perhaps next summer will be the one to help them grow and hopefully split.  

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