A Wintery Wonderland Sort of Weekend

So when they predict snow in the valley it's not only the kids who get excited. I LOVE the snow. The sheep not so much.
Mark woke me up around 5 am and I couldn't help waking El. It's the one time of year that waking a teenager at the crack of dawn is allowed.

Since school was already out and Mark couldn't really go into work, we took the opportunity to deliver the wreaths we made to our neighbors.

Rocco came too. Ate some snow. Had a good time.

So I have spent the last two days cleaning and decorating. I'm the kind of person that has to do a deep cleaning before putting anything new out. That is why it has taken almost two full days.

The reason I say almost is because Mark and I take breaks to read a chapter here and there from Mockingjay. We read the series years ago but it's always good to brush up don't you think. Paired with a warm cup of tea and the bright snow filling the house with light, it was the perfect day.

So stay tuned for fun pick of the house filled with season cheer. And oooh and awh  over it because it has taken a lot of time and energy. 

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