The Lambs Are Coming!

Today was another snow day. No school, no work and lots to do.

First thing on my list was to clean the... wait there's something shiny!
                                                                        but I decided to make a pumpkin pie.

Out of the window I noticed our mama sheep named #50, due to the lovely green tag she came with on her ear, laboring in the back of the field. Last year she gave us our very first natural born lamb; Eve.
So after breakfast it was out to the barn to set up the nursery.

The others thought we were there to feed them. Oh the disappointment. 

While we were at it, it was time to do something with Thor's horn which was slowly curling and growing into HIS SKULL!! OK, it wasn't yet puncturing the actual bone but it had penetrated the skin. Eak and gross! We cut them longer then recommended but there was still a lot of blood so after clotting and creatively bandaging it with weather proof window and door tape he was good to go. 

And as I type this #50 is huffing and puffing away. Here she poses for the paparazzi.  I sure hope it's twins!
Anyone wanna take a guess?

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