Holiday Decor Tour

It's Christmas time here and though it took me days and days I finally filled the place with cheer and lots of sappy holiday music. Ready for a mini tour? Great, walk this way.

As you have noticed from our sign Mark and I put quite a bit of time into the planing and production of it. Doesn't it look lovely in the snow? 
The story behind my title is a bit silly. Yes I am and artist and designer but visionary you ask. Well, while watching that video on the book "The Secret" there was one man in particular that had the title of "visionary" under his name when he came on screen to speak. We thought it was hilarious that someone could just randomly put that as their job title. I mean, how do you get your degree in such a thing?  So we felt it fitting with my creative ability, and because there was room left to carve on my board, that I be the visionary of the family. 

As you enter the front door you are greeted by a tiny little gold reindeer offering you peppermint M&M's and a giant basket full of cushy, fluffy socks. We want all of our guests to feel cozy in the winter and they are also excellent to slide around in on the wood floors.

In the living room I made a garland inspired by the ones I saw in Disnyland's Critter Country. It is made with a chicken wire form with garlands wrapped around it. During the day it is very country looking but at night it is very warm and fun. And boy is it light! Not sure about storage yet but I'll think of something.

Another favorite thing of mine to do is to fill glass vases with ornaments and other curiosities. This year I used tiny LED lights on a timer to wrap around the ornaments and some wicker balls I found at Ross. The lights I get at Fine Consign in Coburg. It's a 9' strand and they are water resistant so you can put them on your front door wreath too.

And here are a few ornaments hanging on my tree this year. The bigger the better I think. But then again, the tree did fall over in the night so it's best you tie it to something if you plan on only decorating the front. Note to self.

It is probably the last year we will be abel to cut a tree from our own land sadly. I stopped at a tree farm to see how much it would cost and I almost had a heart attack! We are in the Pacific Northwest for goodness sakes! $50-100 for a tree?!?!! It's not like they are exotics to this area!

I digress.

And back to the tour....

And these are just a few of the amazing amarilis I grow each year. 
OK, I'm a liar. 
I used to but I am not the best at watering my indoor plants. This has been a hard fact to embrace about myself but I have. 75% of the plants in my home are fake. There. I said it.

Alson notice the GIANT bowls of M&M's. In my excitement for the holiday season I bought something like 5 bags but after the first ten pieces you sort of have your fill. Whatever happened to the cinnamon flavored ones they had the last 2 years? I was riffling through the shelves at Target like a crack addict looking for them. 

And back to the tour....

Above the piano that no one plays is more garland and candles in front of the vintage window frame that Mark put mirror in for me. It is a lovely and heavy thing. I should know, it fell on me while decorating it the other day. 

 I kinda went silly with the garlands this year.

On the book shelves I love to fill with little sparkelies and misc. This year I have my Merry and Bright design on Chalkboard. Don't worry; it's colored pencil so it won't rub off. Thinking of doing a few more larger and elaborate ones for Easter and fall

And you guessed it; More fake amaryllis! But this time on our kitchen breakfast table with our advent candles around it. 

Mark's mom introduced me to the idea of collecting all of my children's Christmas books into a basket each year and having them out for the kids to read. She gives us a new one each year. It's a wonderful tradition. 

Sorry for the dim picture but this is all I could get with my camera.
Our tree this year with Henry the deer keeping watch over the room.

Thank you for joining me on this brief tour. There will be more to come next week.
As soon as this ice and snow melts away I'll be able to get into town for the oasis I need to finish my dining room center piece. In my head it looks fantastic....not sure how to make it a reality just yet but don't worry, I do this all the time. I'm a visionary. 


  1. Ben and I have been cracking up over the "visionary" part for weeks now.

  2. I guess I didn't see this post in my feed when you originally wrote it! But oh man, what a lovely knack for Christmas decorating you have. I love your home!