Organization: File Lables

Another snowy weekend for us Oregonians! It was perfect timing actually, I didn't have anything scheduled and El was home with the cold/flu that seems to be hitting everyone around here. 

 So it was back to the stacks of paper I am still sorting for tax time.  Since I'm on a huge organizing kick  I made up these color coordinated stickers so even hubby can find things quickly.

Above I have everything color coordinated and then divided into cabinets below.  I have a Pottery Barn obsession so I think that's why I chose this font. Click HERE to download it free.

I have created a template with some of my most used colors which you can download and use with Avery # 5160 labels or print out on a regular document. I have a Bramblefield color scheme going here and I don't think my brain will rest until all things coordinate. This could be the beginning signs of OCD. 

Click HERE to download more organizing fun!

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