Organization: Instruction Manuals

It all starts with just one thing. One new item to your home, one new piece of paper or one piece of paper you are trying to find in a giant mess. And then it happens: The world stops turning until you end the chaos once and for all.

My latest organizational whirlwind came when our old HP printer started acting up (only when I was in the middle of a big project of course) and our new printer was delivered. I brought the warranty papers and disk to the office to file away and found the mess above.

Because we have so many instruction manuals and so many appliances (in our personal home and our rentals) I made the labels with a place for the location of the machine/appliance.

For smaller instructions and warranties I put them in a folder and label the outside. I have a few of these now because I like to keep even the instructions for watches, alarm clocks and such. It seems a bit neurotic but you never know:) 

And two hours later I have this to show for it. I know it's not much but you know they say that a cluttered drawer means a cluttered mind. I'm living proof of that.

So Click HERE to download the sheet of labels and share the joy of organizing with a friend!

Are there any areas of your home you struggle with? 

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