Sketchbook- Yachats, OR

We were able to run away for three night to the little town of Yachats OR during spring break. The coast weather is always sketchy so I wanted to get a home that 1. We could afford and 2. Had room to watch the ocean storm.

Most homes were taken but the photos online looked crisp and clean and big with this home so you can imagine my surprise when we pulled up to this. I wish I got a photo to give you perspective of the homes on either size. This was a glorified shed. 
However, after I got over my initial shock and toured our little shack I found that the room was sufficient for what we needed. It felt like a very clean and modern RV actually. 

With the sun shining we spent most of our time on the front porch. And because the house was so small and set back we hardly had any wind! No wind = Painting!

If you are ever passing through you must eat/drink at the Green Salmon. I get an orange mocha EVERY time I go. It really doesn't matter what time of day it is. The main restaurant in town is great but hey also have fine dining at Ona and a cool pub right behind it with loud music and actual biker guys. Don't come here to shop though. You are better off meandering up the beach and stopping at the other small towns along the way. 
There are several trails to hike and there is one "trail" that will take you from one side of the Yachats coast to the other though some of it is on small residential roads. 

Here are a couple of doodles from my sketch book:

I like to experiment with different looks to my paintings and some times it is time that dictates that.

The view of the little bench across the street from us. Being on the ocean front street really made us feel connected to the community. Everyone walking by says hi and some are interested in what I'm painting. 

This is what one looks like in progress. We went down to the beach for a bit but I decided to hunt  for sand dollars for a while instead of finishing this up. 

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