Building Paths: A Typical Date Night

With the unseasonably warm weather we had in May we have been SO BUSY!

For several evenings Mark and I had a date night in the secret garden…

For a couple of years we have had rocks on a sloping path on either side of the garden with large rocks placed like a puzzle but not quite fitting. So, each night we spend one hour scraping away, leveling and placing stones. Very romantic. 

This is the path leading into the side yard that I like to call the Gingko Garden because of the trifurcated gingko tree featured in the center. We placed extra turns and divided ajuga and primrose several years ago and now it has fully naturalized. Our basic rule is that it takes three years to look like it has been there forever. 

Now the side coming in from the orchard still needs a lot more plantings and since it gets a lot more sun and head we will be planting ajuga and low creeping geranium that are native to the area. 

I didn't get a proper before because, frankly, I was so tired of our date nights by this time I just wanted to get it done.

Overhead are two japanese maples that will continue to grow and create a canopy over the upper level.
The round gravel we have on the base of the sunken garden will meet up with the base of the stairs on both sides. It's just a matter of two more yards of fabric cloth. 

So now we are busy with the new driveway and I can't wait to post more pics. 

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