No, we aren't giving away a lamb. I just thought this little guy was too cute not to show off!
But read on for the real deal. 

Things have been bustling around the place for months and now we are in the middle of our lambing season, as you can see. We are up to 13 with hopefully a few more sets of twins to come.

I'm not one for New Year resolutions and try to make changes as I go. Every year I try to get a bit more organized just as I did with my monthly to do/goal list you can see HERE and you can always download my files and instruction manuals HERE

Now to get my work day doing I have created the Work Week Check List that helps keep me focused on my personal business goals.

In the chaos of the holidays this has really helped. Though I work outside the home several days a week I am able to create a quick list of small things I can accomplish before I leave for the day.

**********************    So here is my first GIVEAWAY!    ************************

 I'm giving away 2 - 55 week pads to help you and a friend organize your week days as well as an 8 pack of my berry postcards, Hagrid's Lawn notecard, gift tags and a few more goodies for you both!

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  1. printing off your 12 month to-do lists right now to help me get organized and back into a routine after the winter break :)