I have heard of many people choosing a word to motivate, alter habits and encourage healthy change. This year I decided to try it out. You can go to sites like Pick Your Word or One Word 365  and a dozen others but for myself I chose something I knew I needed to work on.

Words are such a powerful thing. A word can be spoken into our lives and we allow it to change us or hurt us. We tend to meditate on the negative words when we need to focus on the positive ones.

S  I  M  P  L  I  F  Y

For me to simplify means more then just getting rid of clutter- though that is a weekly challenge of mine. It is also about what I bring into my home/life. Will it bring me peace? Will saying yes to this event or responsibility enrich mine and my families life or be a burden? Does this simplify things?

The other, larger part of this is exercising the power of this word in the words I speak. As a parent I feel the pressure. Daily. What words I speak into my child's life count. Now that our last is transitioning into adulthood the lines become blurry and responsibilities on her part are increasing. I have wisdom for her but that is just it; It's my wisdom from my experiences. She needs to gain her own in her own time. So lecturing is out. Keeping it simple is in. This is more then "Let my yes mean yes and my no mean no". It means making my responses simple and holding my tongue. Focusing on what I simply want my relationship to be and making it so with my words or absence of words.

So there it is. My first word.

I hope this encourages someone and if you don't have a word of your own yet you can always borrow mine!
click HERE for a downloadable version of my simplify artwork and HERE for a blank image to write in your own word.

Mine is currently on my desktop and phone home page as daily encouragement and a friendly reminder.

If you have a verse, word or phrase you currently use as encouragement I would love to hear it and perhaps another reader will be also encouraged by it!

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