Rocco Remembered

A few weeks ago we had to say goodbye to our sweet pet and friend Rocco. Just typing his name makes me tear up.

A couple months ago he was diagnosed with a very invasive cancer, one that sent out little baby cancer cells to create tumors in and on him.

Many of you knew him. He changed so many peoples perspective of what a large dog is.

He was sweet and kind. Loved children, babies especially.

He was a terrible farm dog but a wonderful companion.

He was always in trouble and was prone to wander; eager to make new friends in the surrounding farms I'm sure, but terrifying to see lurking around your yard if you were a new neighbor.

He was an avid barker and garbage forager.

He was blissfully void of thought but the most thoughtful creature when you were feeling low.

We were hoping to have a guard dog and farm dog when we got him and we ended up getting the most loyal and loving friend anyone could possibly ask for.

I am a farm girl. Raised on a hobby farm and now running one. It makes you not cold, but aware of life and death and the order of things. This one threw me for a loop though. So many people have told me that they have had to take time off of work when their beloved pet died and I can now see why. I'm a mess. It's been weeks but I cry every day.

It is hard just walking around the house. He was just a puppy when we started building and he is as much a part of this house as the beams that hold it up. In every corner there is a memory of him.

 So, hug your dog today for me, and remember that dobermans are just puppies in a really big and scary dog body.

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