Crafty Accountability

Every Fall Mark and I sit down and have a vision casting session. I do this when we are on a trip so there are no household distractions. When you're away from your regular day to day chores, the big picture seems so much clearer. 

Now, this is not just any old 10-point list. This is a massive list divided into sections; Home Improvements(this is a three phase, micro list), Family Fun and Financial Goals.

With all of those things to focus on there is little time to focus on the fixer-upper projects and artwork to-dos. My sister Angie at Dear Spring Green and I were lamenting about this at our last show in Vancouver and we decided to start a Facebook accountability group. We simply write out our realistic goals at the beginning of the month and then post progress as we go. When the next month roles around we write what we accomplished and either roll over our old goals to the next month or write a new list. No pressure and lots of support and inspiration from others.

And that brings me to Ugly Orange Chair. That is her name.  

I purchased her months ago from Saint Vincent's and it was love at first sight. Mark thought I was joking. I just loved  her low elegant lines, her cozy seat and all of her glorious orangeness.

She was the kind of chair that people would wince at when they walked into my office. No one would sit in her because (although she was clean) she looked dirty. So the orange had to go.

So after making my list for March I turned from my computer, squared her up, and went to work. It was a combination of inspiration, and the fact that I had a rare 6 hours without anyone home to bother me.

Just the week before I was mentioning that I needed to buy a drop cloth for her when a friend of ours overheard and graciously gave me some remnants he had leftover from a photography project. I literally only had a few inches of scrap leftover when I finished. It was perfect!

Where I was short fabric I substituted this yellow and cream houndstooth fabric I had on hand. No one can see it under the seat cushion but it delights me to know it's there.

Slipcovers used to intimidate me but after this one, with it's confusing arms  and slopes, I feel I could take on anything. No tips or tricks needed really. Just pin up the fabric, trace, cut and pin inside out and repeat.  I decided not to taper the back and created a flap to simplify it. No one will see her backside where I have her anyway.

The pillow case was one I found from Pottery Barn on clearance for only $19. I hate to use the word "perfect" so many times but it really did work out perfectly.  Now people come in and make themselves at home.  I guess I'll need to change her name now. 

I really don't think this would have happened unless I had my little accountability group so create one today with your close friends or family!

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