Get OverOrganized! Free Printable Calendars

If you love to organize and over-organize like I do these printable may be for you.

When our girls were still young I had so many events, school functions and not to mention my own work schedule to keep track of. First I started with the monthly, then weekly then daily calendar/list. It is so nice to have a detailed list for the family to refer to.

I know what you're thinking; Isn't there a calendar on your phone?
Well yes, there is. But I can't seem to get anyone in the family to look at it. Seeing this on the fridge every day seems to get the point across.

You will notice that I have the weekend at the end of the week; not beginning on the traditional Sunday. I do this because many of our scheduled trips and events last from Friday to Sunday night and I like to just lump them in together. In my mind the week days are a block of random events and the weekend is it's own block of time. Am I alone in this?

It took some getting used to but I love it this way.

I also like to paperclip any invites, event flyers or specific coupons to the weekly page it applies to. This way all of what I need is in one place and ready when Monday morning arrives, rather then creating clutter on my fridge.

Once I have printed off a years worth of pages, I clamp together and glue with padding compound. This can be found on Amazon or at your local craft store. Simply clamp the pages together with clips and paint the glue along the spine. By morning it will be dry and ready to hang. 


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