A Lesson from the Shepherd

A very Happy Easter weekend to you all. Here at Bramblefield Easter means a lot to us. It's the fabulous news that HE IS RISEN!

Mark and a very zen looking sheep. Don't be fooled.

Throughout the New Testament Jesus is referred to as the Good Shepherd. As new farmers we have been given the opportunity to experience what being a shepherd is all about. It's not pretty. We are always aware of danger, heading it off before they can get into trouble. Sometimes we have to be a bit rough for their own good; corralling them, trimming hooves and wool, giving shots and yes, wrestling them to the ground to hand milk them for their new lamb's sake. That was not one of my most glamorous moments. 
Still they continue to distrust and make the wrong decision, no, the stupid decisions! But we are always there, anticipating their next move and forgiving them with a hand full of grain and alfalfa. 

Little Ruth

Then there are the bummers. Completely dependent on us. Completely loving and trusting. They can't  understand a word I am saying but when I call they still run and jump with excitement to me. 

Let's take a lesson from the bummers and lay our trust in Him who suffered on the cross so we could live this crazy, colorful, wonderful life with the promise of eternity. 

Eve and her Mom just this morning. Boy she is getting big!

Happy Easter everyone and may you have a blessed weekend with family and friends!

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