Birds of a feather

Still at a desk I can not paint at for the majority of this week so I thought I would send you a peak at what I was working on last week. I have been hording feathers from my little chickens and these are from the Welsummer breed. A very beautiful and colorful bird with a rotten temperament. The print (not the original) is available in the shop today.
 I love the new velvet fine art paper I am now working with for prints. It really captures the essence of the original watercolor painting.

This weekend the sun is shining and Eugene is buzzing with activities. I am hoping to go to the Friends of the Library Book Sale, The Home Builders Garage Sale, and Glory Bee will be hosting seminars and selling bees as well! Whew! I wish they spread them out over a few weekends.

Speaking of bees; Perhaps next week I'll invite you all into the side garden to see our little brood. We are down to only one hive but they are busy!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Make the most of it!

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