Spring Garden Walk

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Here we are on our second week of spring break and until today the weather has been amazing.

Come on a walk through the garden with me!

Ooh! I think I might make this my screen saver!
 Start in the Orchard. This year we have added two new pie cherry trees. We already have two so I think Mark likes my pies. We have also added an italian plumb which I am very excited about. My parents have an enormous one that has supplied us with blue/black, firm plumbs all my life for drying and baking. Our lunches and after school snacks were usually this sweet dried plum and I have some in my pantry always.

 The crab apples ring the side yard that I look out onto while I work in my office. We found these at Shopko at the end of the spring planting season. Driving by one day the plants were scorched and lined up along the brick wall as if they were trying to kill them so Mark talked to the manager to get a discount on the trees. Turns out they wanted it all gone so they gave us 90% off  if we took them all! Remember: It never hurts to ask!

 The evergreen clematis has taken over but in this case I really don't mind. Our deck is not the prettiest and the synthetic material it was made from has cupped and moved. Until we are able to rebuild I am more than happy to let the vine cover it all up.

Between the clematis, cherry and apple blossoms and the blooming cottonwoods that smell like honey suckle it is hard to stay indoors.

P.S. Cow says hello.

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