What's Making Us Happy- APRIL

There are always new things happening around here but there are more then just household projects. Between our day jobs, our pseudo homestead, friend and family we are always discovering new things that make us happy.

I become sort of zealous about the things I love and want to share it with everyone I know.

The reason I am starting this little segment is due to my obsession with podcasts and one in particular called The Simple Show by Tsh who created the Art of Simple. At the end she always talks about what's making her happy and I love hearing about something new to read, watch or explore.

Definitely get her show in your feed. Love her!


I watched this series on youtube a long time ago and became obsessed. I recently bought the entire series and listen to it while I work in my office. It's addicting.  We had Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, the british have Lark Rise To Candleford. Not at all the same in subject (except for the strong female lead role) but they were both family friendly with a feel good ending to each episode. Sadly, there is no Sully character in this one.

Gardening season has a brief respite in December-January here but otherwise we are out there cleaning things up, dividing and planting in those other cold months so I grabbed these Kinco Insulated gloves. They are awesome! I usually get the Costco pack of gloves but the grips break down and become hard almost instantly. In keeping with my mantra of Simplify this year, I am no longer buying things that won't last, need extra care or hold me back. These are excellent and I even wear them on those rare 80 degree spring days.

Mark has been reading and consequently obsessed with  Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die

He began reading it last month and upon finishing he is starting it all over again. When I get up to check email/do work on the laptop there are about four tabs open on diving fiji and other areas.
This guy deserves a trip like this though.  He dives off the cold and murky Oregon coast in bays and jetties so I know this would be a wonderful, life altering adventure for him. 

The problem is, I don't dive. I swim. I will even snorkel. And he is seriously looking into live-abord type trips. That's an entire week of me on a boat by myself while the others dive 5 times a day. So I guess if this happens you will be seeing posts of me with instructors in our local community pools. Blurg. 

Next, When I am working on any project or driving to and from work, I'm listening to podcasts. The latest obsession is one that Shandell of Breaking New Ground shared with me about the Chris Brown Show. He is part of the Dave Ramsey team, helping people get out of debt, manage and invest. It's so addicting!

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